Mining company says train charge proposals are unfair and unrealistic; they won’t be taken up by Government

A company mining company, which has launched an online petition in support of the UK rail franchise, said proposals were unreasonable and unrealistic.

Sterling rail said proposals were unfair for miners who would pay much less for their product and that existing freight services would face further cost growth under the franchise.

Rail firm and UK rail franchise company, Westrail, have been locked in a contract dispute, with the companies claiming to be the victim of a “smear campaign” against them.

A spokesman for the company said: “The train charge proposals are unreasonable, because they have no evidence for the cost savings바카라 that they claim.

“Westrail’s business has always been based on investment in rail networks. These proposals would just make things worse.

“It would require an investment of up to £500m to keep running rail services, with the train charge proposals reducing this investment to less than a third of current levels.

“We urge the Government to reconsider its proposals, to take up the advice of the Department of Transport.

“The company will continue to lobby the Government about this.

“Westrail does not want its passengers to face higher journey times. We will make any calls the industry makes as it moves apronxtowards marketisation.”

He said the UK freight business wa우리카지노s now expected to be worth up to around £40bn by the year 2020, more than trebling in the next 18 years.