Unchanged tahs not underestimating forcefulness” in the fight against radical Islam.

That is precisely what is going on with Syria’s rebels and Hezbollah’s “terrorists” in Lebanon. With the help of Hezbollah, the Syrian government is forcing Hezbollah-affiliated terrorists and Hezbollah agents out of the besieged city of Qusair and into the countryside.

It is very important to note that many people are taking issue with this report from a Middle East expert. This is because it is a “Western” report because it is based on the work of a Western expert. But then, when Western news outlets publish information which can cause damage to America’s reputation, we are to take them at their word that it is accurate.

In a word, it is not accurate at all. The Syrian government has been fighting terrorists in Qusair for almost a year now and has not succeeded in dislodging them. They have been attacking them ever since.

On Thursday, October 10, the Assad regime began an assault in Qusair against al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, including “foreign fighters” who have already been reported killed in the fighting.

On Friday, October 12, the Syrian government launched a full-scale battle against an Al-Qaeda-affiliated “terror organization” – the “White Helmets.” On Saturday, October 13, Assad used helicopters to attack “terrorists” who were operating in the region.

While these are not war crimes, they certainly are war crimes. Yet these are Western-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) funded by the United States. So, should I be alarmed or should 예스카지노I be grateful?

What is happening in Syria doesn’t conform with Western-sponsored propaganda.

In the last two weeks, a video clip of the Syrian government’s assault against these terrorists was sent to me by one of its defectors. It shows “rebel soldiers” kicking and beating terrorists, and then they show footage of “the White Helmets” who saved the lives of dozens of children in Homs and the suburbs of Damascus and the southern city of Deraa.

In Damascus, “rebel” fighters took the bodies of카지노 사이트 the dead terrorists to the “White Helmets” warehouse to be buried. The corpses were “reconstructed from the corpses of the dead terrorists,” and the “rebels” dumped them into mass graves, apparently because the Syrian government refused to bury them. In Deraa, another “reb바카라els” video showed fighters digging up the dead bodies of soldiers an