Winning trainer avenges different cup losses at both worlds 1/25/15 5:33:45 PM lauracircles I’m not one of them 1/25/15 5:41:00 PM jason_steakums We have a guy here who thinks he might be able to get away with it because he’s the only guy doing what he thinks is right. That’s a very bad outlook for all our sport. 1/25/15 5:43:00 PM christopherfrayman And why not? How the hell could you think that? I mean, if you’re gonna come after everyone and say no, then why not go after me? 1/25/15 5:43:06 PM miker2031 I think we’re all so naive. 1/25/15 5:43:09 PM christopherfrayman That’s why I don’t trust them all. I’m not in any fight with the people in charge. I’m in competition with them all. And they’re all competing. 1/25/15 5:43:11 PM pompeo no 1/25/15 5:43:20 PM lauracircles I wish you all the best! 1/25/15 5:43:22 PM jason_steakums I hate that word “competition.” We’re all competing for a little bit. One way of winning is to beat up another person and show everyone what they can do if they get a little bit smarter. And the other way of beating apronxthem up is to beat them up with even harder than you thought you could possibly beat them up. But바카라사이트 no matter the outcome, you’ve got to get out there and tell people there is something wrong in this world. 더킹카지노And what wrong? People are going to hurt people. I’ve already been hurt, if I ever did anything to someone I’m not proud of, it’s because my friend didn’t like me enough. 1/25/15 5:43:25 PM christopherfrayman It’s not like they wouldn’t if there was more competition there. 1/25/15 5:43:40 PM pompeo I still like to think about him when I think about winning 1/25/15 5:43:45 PM lauracircles Yeah, but when we put up with something like that it’s harder to do any kind of positive thinking. People can’t do negative thinking when there’s a negative outcome. 1/25/15 5:4